Faithful Obedience and Total Commitment Answers to the Thought Questions

1.) What is the first thing that God asks Abraham to do to demonstrate his faith to God?  He asks Abraham to take his wife and leave his homeland to move to a strange land.

2.) How does Abraham respond to God in this situation?  He takes a step of faith and follows God’s instructions.

3.) We find that after many years Abraham and Sarah have the long awaited son of promise, Isaac.  They had to wait about 25 years from the time of the promise that they would have a son who would be the father of a great nation.  Now God is asking something else of Abraham.  God tells Abraham to go and sacrifice his son Isaac on an altar on Mt. Moriah (which later becomes Jerusalem).  What is Isaacs response to this? Again we find that Abraham sets out with every intention to do what God has told him he was to do.

4.) Why do you think God asked Abraham to sacrifice Isaac?  God wanted Abraham to willingly give back his greatest treasure to God.  He also wanted Abraham to know that God would take care of his treasure for him, that he could be trusted with everything.

5.) What do you think went through Abraham’s mind when God asked him to do this?

Probably some thoughts about how much he loved his son, and also that God had promised to make him the father of a great nation.  He knew that God kept his promises.

6.) How do we know that Abraham knew that everything would be all right even when he was heading toward Mt. Moriah? One of the key phrases that tell us of Abraham’s confidence in God is when he tells his servants to wait that he and Isaac were going to make an offering to God and that “they” would then return.

7.) What is so unique about Abraham’s faith in this situation? His absolute trust in God.  He did not stop to question God about how he was going to make everything turn out in a way that would allow Isaac to be the father of a great nation; he just went right ahead and acted.  It is pretty obvious that Abraham who had never witnessed God raise anyone from the dead, recognized that even if he sacrificed Isaac, that God could and would give him back to him.  That is the kind of faith God desires from all of us.

8.) For what reason did God give Abraham credit for righteousness?  Because he believed God. It was based entirely on his faith. Romans 4:20-21

9.) What does the Bible say about child sacrifice?  Leviticus 18:21, and Deuteronomy 12:31  after Exodus God is very explicit in forbidding this act as a form of worship.

10.) What parallels do you see between Abraham’s offering Isaac, and God’s offering of Jesus?  How are they similar and how are they different?  Abraham offered his son and God offered his Son.  Isaac carried the wood, Jesus carried the cross. Isaac was laid on the alter, and Jesus was nailed to the cross.  Abraham was willing to put his son to death.  The Father willed that his Son should die.  The ram was offered in the place of Isaac and Christ was offered in the place of sinners.  Abraham received his son back “figuratively.” and Jesus literally rose from the dead.

Take a look at The Hymn by Frances Havergal:  Take my life and let it be consecrated Lord, to Thee.  Think about the words….The truth is that God wants us to trust him without needing to question what he wants us to do.  We have to start out by trusting him as Abraham did, then we will only have our trust grow.  God will free us from our need to fill our hands with the treasures he has given us, so that when we trust him with the treasures that he has given to us, by putting them down…he can fill our hands with Him…then we are free indeed as the Bible tells us those whom the Lord has set free are free indeed.

Take My Life and Let It Be (CFNI version – with Lyrics) Cody Christopher Baker Cody Christopher Baker


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