Prayer for the People


Read 1Kings8: Solomon’s Prayer at the dedication of the temple.  Solomon prays that God will be with his people as long as they are humble before God, and turning away from their sins by asking for forgiveness, and attempting to be obedient to God.

This is really a beautiful prayer, and it is notable that Solomon recognized within the prayer that the reason God had chosen them to be his people was so that they could show the world what a loving and faithful God that the God of Israel was.  Solomon’s God is a God who keeps his promises, and is loving enough to forgive wrong doing when people sin and ask for forgiveness.  Solomon even includes foreigners who were not of the people of Israel in his prayer.  He says, if someone comes from a far away land in order to talk to God that he prays that God will listen to them if they are in the temple or facing the direction of the temple. Amazing! This shows us that Solomon knew that God was there for others also.

This is the same God that we Christians worship today, God has not changed at all.  We all recognize that God is loving and faithful and just to forgive us when we ask with a sincerely sorry heart. God is there for anyone who approaches him, and he wants us to pray and be concerned for those who don’t know him yet, also.

Anyone reading Solomon’s prayer at the dedication of the temple can see that he truly knows who God is, and he really trusts God.  He really desires that God be with his household and with his people no matter where they are and what they are doing.  He wants God to be with them in their everyday life.

This is how we should be praying for others when we pray.  We want to pray that they have all of the blessings of the presence of God in their lives.  Sometimes when we pray for people we are very specific about their health, or the finances, or their emotional situation.  These prayers are okay too, but we also want to remember that we should be praying that God’s will for them will be carried out, not our will for them. (Matthew 6:9-13)

Sometimes our will or what we want for people is different from God’s will.  We need to remember that the Bible tells us that  according to Romans 8:28 “And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose.”

God’s will always works out for the best even if in the short run it doesn’t appear like it is.  You are probably thinking….about making lemonade from lemons about now.  Well, that is the attitude of trust that we all need to have toward God…we need to realize that when something is hard to go through, then there is a purpose for it even if we don’t immediately know what it is.  We need to trust God that the purpose is there and hang on to our faith as we go through it, or as we pray others through their situations.

That is one of the main things about praying for others, our love and trust in the Lord can bolster a person who is going through a difficult time and help them to get through it a bit more easily. Philippians 4:6 Do not be anxious about anything, but in everything by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known to God.

The other thing that we notice about Solomon’s Prayer is that he constantly states that when the people are praying, (if they are not in the temple where God resides)then they must be facing the direction of the temple even if they are in a foreign land. (Now this bit is similar to the Muslim idea of facing Mecca or the Holy Land).  Well, back in Solomon’s Day it was the accepted belief that God was actually residing in the temple in the Holy of Holies.  Now if you notice, Solomon despite believing this, also acknowledged clearly that God was too big to be contained inside the smallness of the temple.  So then, you must be thinking, why did he think it was necessary to face the temple when praying?

That’s because this is the place that God said he would reside and be available to them when they went to make sacrifices and pray.  Back in Solomon’s time if someone needed to really talk to God they  went to the temple, made a sacrifice and the priest went before God on their behalf. 1Kings 8 tells us that Solomon made a great number of offerings at the dedication of the temple…in fact he had a feast that lasted for so many days with the whole of Israel that the number of offerings is actually pretty mind numbing until you know that they were eating these sacrifices at the feast. (Leviticus 17)

What is the difference for us Christians today?  Well, we don’t need to look toward a certain place when we pray, because God is living within us in the form of the Holy Spirit. God does not care if you are standing on your head when you are praying.  It is about your humbleness of spirit, not about the position of your body.

The other very important thing that Solomon did after praying in supplication to God for all of Israel was to praise God for all that He had already done for Israel!  We need to remember to praise and thank God as a matter of course even when we are praying for someone or something.  We need to thank God for the answer that he is going to give to us for our prayers even if we don’t yet know what that answer is to be.  That is an act of faith on our part, that we are acknowledging that we trust God to answer our prayer.

Just like when you ask someone to do something for you and you thank them while you are handing them the instructions…example someone watches your home or pets while you are on vacation.  You don’t generally wait to thank them until you get back from vacation.  You start thanking them right away because you appreciate them so much!  Then we thank them again when vacation is over and you come back and your pets and home are safe, right?  We should appreciate God at least as much as we appreciate the acts of other people, right?  After all, God does so much more for us each day than any one person, and God is the one who put those lovely people into our lives in the first place.

Always make it a point to be thankful, even while waiting in prayer.


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